I have spent ten years as a photographer specializing in hand painted black & white photos and other alternative forms of photography. I have won numerous awards and my work is in both private and public collections throughout the United States. Although I found photography rewarding, I wanted something more. When attending art shows or viewing art work at galleries, I found myself drawn to abstract art. I have often felt a strong emotional connection when viewing abstract art. I decided it was time to put the camera down and pick up a paint brush.


I primarily work with acrylics. My emphasis is on texture and rich color. To me, color is as important as form in my abstract works. Many of my paintings consist of multiple glazes of paint. I will often deconstruct my images by removing some of the layers of paint to get to the beauty that lies beneath. I utilize various acrylic mediums, gels, paste, sand and papers to create surfaces that are rich in texture. My paintings evolve through a process of experimentation and intuition with each piece becoming a journey. At times during that journey it seems the paint has a mind of its own with the end result being a surprise.


When asked what inspires me, my answer is not complicated but rather simple. I find my inspiration in the color found in the beauty that surrounds us be it in the natural environment or urban surroundings. I will visualize colors that inspire me and then put that vision on to canvas. The end result is not always what I initially envisioned, but that is not necessarily a bad thing because I often find many happy surprises at the end of a painting.

There is no right or wrong message in abstract art.  My hope is that my work will speak to the viewer and each individual will take something different away from it.




                                                       Commissioned Work Accepted